The Chart category allows you to set various chart options
Left-hand side
Right Margin on Chart n %
Sets the distance between the last period and the right border of the graph's pane
Upper/Lower Margin on Chart n %
Sets the amount of free space between the upper/lower borders in %
Snapshot Template
If enabled, the selected template will be used to create a snapshot of each closed trade. You can select tab chart group templates from the list (if you have already created them). If you do not select a template, then only the chart (time frame) in which the trade takes place will be saved as a picture.
The stored snapshots are located here: TradersYardX/TradeEscort/Files/Date/ChartImages/Trade.
In order to change the appearance of the snapshot which is taken after every trade, choose a Chart Group Template of either a List Chart Group or Tab Chart Group. Learn more about how to create templates Chart Group: Templates
Show Indicator Information
Enables or disables the option to display frequently used indicators when you hover the mouse cursor over the chart.
Use ChartTraderBar-Boxes
If this is enabled: the entry line will be displayed as a box
If this is disabled: the entry line will be displayed as a line
Manipulate Confirmed Order Bars
If this is disabled then only unconfirmed order bars can be adjusted:
ConfigEscort Common Chart4
If this is enabled then you will be able to adjust confirmed order bars:
ConfigEscort Common Chart5
Autoscale Chart Trader Bars
Enabling this option scales the chart so that all chart trader bars (entry/stops/target) are visible. Let's assume that you run a trade using the daily chart and then switch to the 5-minute chart. This may lead to orders on the 5-minute chart being too far away from each other so that in order to display all orders the chart must be extremely compacted. So, check this box if you want all order bars to be shown inside the chart (autoscale). If order bars may also be located outside the chart, do not select this option.
Autoscale Chart Trader Markers
Enabling this option scales the chart so that all chart trader markers are visible.
Link Chartgroups to Static Instrument Lists
If a value is added/deleted inside an LCG/TCG, this will also be reflected in your static instrument lists and vice versa.
Print white chart background
If checked, charts will be printed with a white background.
Remember Price Scale
If checked, the current zoom settings will be applied to all instruments.
Show Info
If checked, the instrument information will be displayed on each chart without using the Info indicator. If this information shall only be displayed for a specific chart the info indicator can still be used.
Show Spread Lines on Quick Trader
If activated the Quick Trader Bar will show Spread Lines.
Show Type of Data (Directly requested from datafeed of additionally process by TX)
If activated the Chart will display the information if a time frame is directly received from the data feed or TradersYard X needs to process the time frame. Direct Charts will be loaded faster.
Broker/Datafeed indicator
If activated the Chart will display Broker/Datafeed connected status indicators. Details on page Navigating a chart
Right-hand side
TabChartGroup auto synchronization
Synchronizes indicators for the entire tab chart group.
Auto synch. TimeFrame
Additionally synchronizes time frames.
Auto synch. TradersYard X++
Synchronizes the activation and deactivation of TradersYard X++ (plusplus)
Autoscale Price Panel
If this is enabled the price panel will automatically be adjusted to the price scale. This option is not appropriate for traders who would like to see a certain number of bars displayed on the chart.
Secondary data series starting point
Via the chart toolbar, it is possible to add another data series inside the same chart. This secondary data series is displayed as a mountain chart. More than one additional data series can be loaded. (First Request: Date&Time when the data series was added. First Visible: the first point on the left site chart which is visible.)
Bars colors
Here you can define colors for profit, loss, and background of chart trader bar