Technology, download, and installation

TradersYard X on several computers

TradersYard X supports the option for you to access your data online and thereby manage your user directory online. This means that you can work from several devices (PC, laptop, etc.) with one activation key. However, it is not possible to access the TradersYard X license key from more than one device ''at the same time''. The license key only allows one instance/access at the same time.
For this, however, the following steps must be observed before and after ending TradersYard X:
  1. 1.
    Make sure that after you have closed TradersYard X, the device has had enough time to synchronize (upload) the necessary data with the server.
  2. 2.
    Make sure that before you open TradersYard X, the device has had enough time to synchronize (download) the necessary data with the server.
If you switch your devices off before synchronizing (uploading), the required files will be missing when you want to access them from another device. Vice versa, the files will be missing in TradersYard X if you start it up before the (download).
You can find further information in our support forum and online help:
Online help for setting up TradersYard X for several computers Support forum

Resetting TradersYard X to older settings: backup

Due to data protection reasons, we do not store any customer data on our server. TradersYard X is a pure client software solution. Therefore we strongly recommend saving your data! Here you can find instructions about how to make a backup and restore your data in TradersYard X.

Does TradersYard X support MAC OSX (Apple)?

TradersYard X has been developed for Windows and cannot be installed on Mac (Apple). Yet many of our customers are working with parallels, not having any issues as long as the corresponding environment has recourse to sufficient resources (e.g. Parallels).

Will my data be retained when performing an update?

We are constantly working to improve TradersYard X. Therefore we strongly recommend always update the software when an update is available. Only system data will be updated, your individual settings like in the user directory (workspace – instruments – conditions, etc.), are safe. We recommend making backups on a regular basis and store them on an external hard drive, so your data can never get lost - e.g when your PC breaks down.

Backup service provider

For this, we have a cooperation with vAppx.

Download of the actual TradersYard X release

You can download the latest version of TradersYard X 24/7 from our website. But you are informed about available updates anyway by a popup when starting TradersYard X. In addition, you can find a little icon on the bottom right that indicates that an update is available. Those updates are free of cost.

Update 32bit to 64bit System

TradersYard X often displays error messages or crashes? Do many irregular errors prevent you from working smoothly? TradersYard X has been developed for Windows 64 bit systems. Those errors occur when you are using a 32-bit system. Please upgrade your Windows to a Windows 64 bit system, you can get it for free from Microsoft.
Find more information on the Microsoft Website
Please also take a look at our System Requirements.