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No COT Data are loaded

Answer: Please try the following: Open ConfigurationEscort -> Directories and click on the small arrow in the line of the data directory. Delete the Folder COTReportLegacyIn your Chart in TradersYard X right-click and choose "Reload data" and then "Reload scripts"

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There are no COT data for FGBM (Eurex exchange) available, are those data not provided anymore from CFTC?

Answer: There is no way, that there is COT data for any Eurex Future. The CFTC - which collects the COT data - is a US agency, therefore only Futures listed on a US-exchange can deliver COT data.
We strongly recommend that you delete the COT-Manager entry for the FGBM - because you are definitely looking at the wrong data here.

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The cot data is not complete. In the Legacy Report, the data is available for some values. For others, the data is completely missing, e.g. at NG. In the disaggregated Finance Report, no value displays the COT data

Answer: The COT database on your PC should be cleaned up once. To do this, please open your data directory (the path to it can be found in ConfigurationEscort -> Directories -> Data directory) and delete all folders starting with "COT".
Restart TradersYard X and select Main -> Connections -> Reload connected. All market data and COT data will be reloaded and displayed.

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After connecting to IB I have gaps occurring on almost every chart after the connection load is finished. If I make a manual reload of the data everything is fine.

Answer: The IB datafeed has a lot of restrictions it seems you are probably overloading the datafeed. Please check:
1.So as the first check please make sure that you do not overload your datafeed.
2.As a second check please have a look at how the charts are looking inside TWS - are they displayed correctly?
3.Is the issue occurring in all timeframes?
4.Is it possible that your TWS is running in another time-zone than your TradersYard X? (So did you live in another time zone lately or did you change the time zone on your PC?)
5. Please check if you have any active Alerts in his TX (Tools -> Alerts)

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When I create an order in WebTrader or TWS without the TradersYard X running, this order will not appear in the TX

Answer: It is highly recommended to NOT place any trades directly in the TWS or the WebTrader when usually trade via TradersYard X.
The TWS API is very limited in the way how it sends executed orders, so it always can happen that some trades are lost in the connection between TradersYard X and the TWS when you do not place them via TradersYard X.

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Under Taipan I experienced those huge candles down several times for Futures in the past days

Answer: It seems the contract is expired and TaiPan displays data of the next contract already. You should switch to the currently active contract then it should not occur.

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I have only 28 Instruments open in 3 timeframes (M3, M15, H1) which should be 28*3=84. What confuses me is that in the lower left corner still shows 37.

Answer: Please check if you have any active Alerts in his TX (Tools -> Alerts). This could be the reason that more instruments are loaded.

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Is pre/post market available for Free version?

Answer: Yes, pre/post market data feature is not available for TradersYard X Free version.

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My question is, how to connect my futures-trading account Dorman to my TradersYard X. This Broker/Clearing is not shown in the connections of TradersYard X.

Thank you for your request. Please find details in our wiki Link:

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How run backtest CL (Crude Oil Futures) strategy with Interactive Brokers as the data sourceton 5-second candles. Also tried to use "Download Ticks" and it also does not seem to save anything into the output directory.

Your strategy cannot run because InteractiveBrokers does not provide historical tick-data. As we do not receive historical tick data from IB, the 5sec bars cannot be calculated and therefore your strategy cannot run.
You can avoid this issue by using one of our professional datafeeds, they will provide the necessary historical tick-data so the 5sec bars can be calculated. Here is the list of our datafeed-partners (all offer 30day free trials): Link

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Do you have any other Datafeed which provides data for the India stock exchange - NSE?

Currently Indian stocks are only accessible with Teletrader however they don't provide Indian stock data when used with TradersYard X
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Can't connect to Dukascopy. And then, I installed the platform, but the connection problem is still there, as my attached files are shown. Even if I already ran the JForex and closed the firewall then, the problem did not be solved. Please, give me some suggestions and help

Can you please run the java-updater and download the latest java version, to make sure it's not a java issue: Java. Your logs indicate that the issue occurs because JForex cannot be started on your machine. So are you able to open JForex and login to your account without TradersYard X? In addition, have you been in contact with your Dukascopy Account Manager already and told him you want to use TradersYard X? Dukascopy needs to switch your account to non-hedge mode. In addition please check if you activate checkbox Auto-Login in Connection Option
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Is it possible to work with a second FXFlat-account, so the two orders in the opposite directions won't be mixed up and the order of execution doesn't make any difference?

A second FxFlat account would only work if you have a second license of TradersYard X and therefore run TradersYard X two times.
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I usually check the YM, ES & NQ charts. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don't work. Use Dain Datafeed

We find out that the Gain data feed will save subscription for the last 50 instruments. It seems you just exceeded the Gain data limitation.
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I would like to have access to a free data feed (End Of Day). Can you send me a Configuration Guide for Google Finance Data Feed?

Unfortunately, Google Finance stopped their free EoD-data service lately, so at the moment we cannot offer free EoD data in TradersYard X. You can use our internal EOD datafeed Xtick
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TX ++

How to historical signals in the scanner. E.g. That it shows signals that occurred in the last 4 candles?

In the AnalyzerEscort column set "History Periods" to the higher value for selected Analyzer Session in Setup Escort.
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