TradersYard X Script

TradersYard X Script is a programming language integrated into the trading platform TradersYard X. The syntax of TradersYard X Script is derived from the programming language C#. Using TradersYard X Script enables you to implement all strategies, even if they are too complex for the Signal Builder. The spectrum extends from the programming of simple indicators to self-designed applications in which TradersYard X plays only a supporting role. Practically all approaches that are also applicable in DotNet can be used: complex indicators, signal display, Excel export, evaluation, chart representation, sound, colors, and many others.
The TradersYard X Script help contains the following paragraphs:
1. Trading bars and instruments Describes in detail how to access single bars or candlesticks as well as various trading instruments using TradersYard X Script.
2. Events TradersYard X Script is event-oriented. Examples of events:
  • A new candle occurs after the closing of the prior one within a particular time interval;
  • New prices are delivered from your data provider;
  • An order is executed and others
TradersYard X Script makes it easy for you to react to this information. The purpose of this section is to explain exactly how this works and which events can arise.
3. Indicators and oscillators Provides an extensive description of all indicators integrated into TradersYard X. An introduction of the instruments is given to start off with, followed by the information about their use. A significant part of this section is devoted to the interpretation of signals, and several references for further information are also provided. Each indicator and oscillator can be used in your own TradersYard X Script. In this description, you can also find the exact syntax, the meaning of parameters, and a code example.
4. Programming of strategies TradersYard X Script allows you to create your own trading strategies and then trade them live on the market. In this paragraph, you will find answers to the questions of which requirements are necessary and how to transfer orders to your broker and trade internally.
5. Keywords Like each programming language, TradersYard X has a set of commands you can use to create your own scripts. You should become familiar with these keywords if you wish to create self-programmed indicators or entire trading systems.
6. Drawing objects All drawing objects that can be used on the chart are also available within TradersYard X Script. Drawing objects such as lines, arrows, rectangles, circles, etc. can be automatically displayed at specified positions or removed from the chart again. Your possibilities are unlimited.
7. Tips and tricks Presents the solutions to unusual problems. In order to understand these complex examples, however, a good deal of programming experience is required. Advanced users can still find some useful information for programming ideas of their own.