Scanning for signals (Dynamic Scanner)

Open the Dynamic Scanner via Main -> New -> Chart Container, and select a template from the list.
The Dynamic Scanner opens up and now automatically collects all available signals that are active in one of your opened charts/chart groups. By default, it searches according to all Analyzer Sessions, i.e. every signal that you have activated in one of your Analyzer Sessions. If you would like to limit the display to certain sessions, simply use the dropdown menu to select the sessions for which the Dynamic Scanner should collect the signals.
The Dynamic Scanner is now the only tab in TradersYard X on which you need to focus your attention. You no longer need to switch between individual tabs and check whether you are receiving signals; every signal automatically lands in the Dynamic Scanner, and you can very easily place the orders for all active signals.
Please note: You may edit Analyzer columns via the Edit Column button.
Show open trades: If activated, Dynamic Scanner displays open trades
Show open orders: If activated, Dynamic Scanner displays open orders
Each new signal that is shown in the Dynamic Scanner appears with the symbol name written in bold. As soon as you click on the signal, the signal is accepted as “seen”, and the symbol name appears in normal font once more. This behavior is designed to help you keep an overview of which signals you have already checked, and which have just been newly loaded to the Dynamic Scanner.
As soon as a new signal is generated somewhere in your TradersYard X, it is immediately shown in the Dynamic Scanner in real-time.
With the Dynamic Scanner, your daily trading becomes one step more convenient and starting immediately, you now only have to concentrate on one single tab in TradersYard X, then place your orders, and finally hand the trade management back to the TX++ algorithm once again.
Please note: When Dynamic Scanner is active and you add a new session in SetupEscort, in order to reload and add this new session, Dynamic Scanner needs to be closed and reopened.
Allow the Dynamic Scanner to remove another work step for you, and simply concentrate 100% on the direct trading decision of whether to place a suggested order in the market or not – this is semi-automatic trading to perfection!